Jörg Leidecker began his trainig to become a machinist in 1973 at the SCHÜTTE company in Cologne. After having passed his final examination he was employed in the assembly area of multi spindle lates. Two years later already he spontaneously repaired defect machines of our clients; since 1977 these repairs were carried out on a permanent basis in Germany and abroad to the greatest satisfaction of the clients. In January 1990 Jörg Leidecker went into business for himself. Since the users of lathes have known him for his precise and fast way for many years from innumerable works, they were willing to let Jörg Leidecker industrial services carry out all the necessary works. Initially these works could only be made on the premises of the clients, since 1995 general overhauls have also been carried out with two employees on the company's premises. Since that time also used machines have been purchased and sold in a fully reconditioned state. In the course of the years many clients have requested to maintain and repair existing makes of other manufacturers, so that the range of services automatically grew, among others various transfer machines have been converted or overhauled.
In 2003 and 2006 our team was reinforced by the sons René and Tim, who have also been trained by SCHÜTTE, at present our staff consists of four specialists in the field of multi spindle lathes.  

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